Masayoshi Harae is recurring character in Samon-kun wa Summoner. He is an exorcist and a transfer student in Solomon High's 2-A class.

Appearance Edit

Masayoshi is tall man with dark spiky hair. He is always seen wearing an armor consisting of white pants and a jacket with black details, and black gloves.

Personality Edit

He is a serious person, opposite to Samon, who is always carefree. While he is polite and genuinely tries to help people afflicted by demons, he has an obsession with salt piles, which he offers to almost everyone and sets everywhere he can due to their "holy protection", leading his classmates and teachers to consider him a weirdo.

Masayoshi is deeply afraid of ghosts, even though he is perfectly comfortable with demons. He has a one-sided rivalry towards Samon, due to the intensive bullying he endured because of him.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Armor: Masayoshi wears an outfit prepared by a pilgrimage that performs 3 laps throughout the 88 passages existing in the smallest island of Japan. Weak demonic attacks are incapable of damaging it or its user.

Blessed Silver Gloves: He uses special gloves submerged in holy water, then purified by a sumo wrestler in the arena, and lastly kept in the ocean for an entire night. They are also capable of protecting the user of demonic attacks.

Salt piles: He keeps a large amount of salt on his person at all times, to prepare protective salt piles and to purify himself and his meals.

Seals: He can create special seals that repel demons. Depending on the power of the demon in question, the greater the repulsion created by the seal.

History Edit

Masayoshi was an apprentice of the Samon family, training to become an exorcist. However, he was constantly bullied by the heir of the family, Shosuke Samon.

One day he transferred into Solomon High to fight Samon.