Nebiros is a reoccurring demon in Samon-kun wa Summoner. He is the 5th of the Six Pillars of the Red Dragon and is Hell's manager, and is considered to be Shousuke Samon's rival (according to Samon).

He goes by the alias "Nebiyama Nebio" while he is working at Cafe Kitazawa.

Appearance Edit

Nebiros is a tall man with long black hair. His most notable features are his narrow eyes and sharp teeth, as well as his lack of eyebrows.

He commonly wears a trench coat with a furred collar along with a suit underneath. Once he gets a job as a barista, he can also be commonly seen with his hair tied up and wearing a barista outfit.

Personality Edit

In contrast to Samon, Nebiros is considered to be far nicer and hard-working. He is shown to care greatly for his for his coworkers, as well as Teshigawara (who he has taken a liking to).

He is constantly angered by Samon's antics, since he borrows demons from his army for menial tasks and messes with Nebiros constantly.

Abilities Edit

Necromancy: Nebiros has the ability to instantaneously bring out will-o-wisps as a offensive weapon.

History Edit

He observes Samon due to his duties as a manager of the demon troops in Hell's army and is enraged by how Samon misuses his summoning abilities on Sakura Teshigawara.